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  • Common DIY Disasters For Unblocking The Drain


    A blocked drain is a real pest, and in the worst case scenario can leave important appliances such as the sink, toilet or shower completely unusable.

    For that reason, it’s understandable why so many people try to fix the problem themselves, hoping to save both time and money.

    However, what may seem like a good idea at the time can quickly turn into a nightmare! Here’s a few of the most common DIY drain disasters.

    Waiting Too Long

    Not all drains become completely blocked and cause an instant emergency; in some cases, there’s just a partial clog which slows everything down.

    Poor drainage and a nasty odor can be signs that all is not well with your drains and there’s a few things you can try to get things running smoothly again.

    But if your drains don’t return too normal, delaying getting expert help can lead to a much bigger problem. Waiting too long is one of the biggest DIY mistakes and can result in a far bigger bill than is necessary.

    Relying On Chemicals

    At your local hardware store you’ve probably noticed an array of products which are designed to unclog the drain.

    chemical drain unblocking

    Marketed as being powerful and effective, they can be useful in clearing away a minor blockage but despite their claims they won’t work on a more serious problem. Therefore, if the drains seem to improve but very quickly get worse again, it’s time to call in the experts, such as CC Drainage based in Liverpool. Pouring more chemical drain cleaner is not a good idea because it can corrode the pipes.

    When used regularly or over a long period of time, drain cleaners can damage both PVC and metal pipes. This is because they work by using strong chemicals to try and break down the waste and mass in your drains. This has a scouring effect on the pipes and gradually starts to eat away at the material.

    Using Tools Without Training

    The internet can be a huge source of information but in the wrong hands, this information can end up exacerbating a problem.

    It’s easy to find plumbing advice about how to use equipment such as drainage rods, an auger or a snake but it’s not as simple as just shoving the tool down the pipe. To be effective, the tools need to be used with a degree of knowledge and experience and won’t offer a magic solution when just thrust willy-nilly down the drain! In fact, using tools incorrectly can even make a blocked drain worse by forcing the clog lower down or by compounding it further.

    Conversely, don’t attempt to clear a blockage with makeshift tools. Wiggling a coat hanger down the drain might seem like a harmless idea but you could end up damaging the pipes.

    Using Force

    You may have read about how drain jetting helps to clear out blockages but don’t be tempted to give it a go yourself.

    Plumbing professionals always diagnose a problem before attempting to fix it, and in some cases jetting a drain could cause a more serious issue, such as a burst pipe. Not all blockages can be just washed away and putting the drain under a lot of pressure without knowing what’s wrong is a recipe for disaster.

    Get Expert Help

    If you think you might have a problem with your drain, call in the experts sooner rather than later and you might find it’s not as bad as you think. You can find them here so if you have a blocked drain, don’t delay any longer!…

    October 12, 2016

  • Discover Who Offer The Best Asbestos Removal Services in Manchester

    TPC North Asbestos removal company has been providing asbestos removal services for domestic, commercial and public sectors in Manchester and the whole Northwest area of England at large for the past five years. As a company, we have both the experience as well as the resources needed to identify, assess and remove all asbestos from different areas.

    We are a licensed, insured, approved and registered company by several governments such as the environment and the health and safety agencies. This means that all the services that we offer are genuine and up to standard. Here is a quick look at why we are a company of choice whenever you need asbestos removal services in Manchester.Asbestos Removal

    As a company, we do emphasize on delivery of top notch quality services to all our clients. Thus, all our experts involved in removing asbestos for our clients are very experienced when it comes to survey, risk assessment and removal of asbestos. During all our operations, we do ensure safety of all our clients together with their family members, safe handling of all potential hazardous materials as well as ensuring that the materials removed are disposed in an environment friendly manner.

    One of the key things that has led to our success so far is the high level of professionalism that we uphold when dealing with our clients as well as when delivering our services. To begin with, all our customer needs are given first priority and are attended to within a short period of time. Our terms of operations on the other hand are very flexible so as to meet different customer demands. We also offer a helping hand in terms of getting the necessary documents from government agencies before asbestos removal is done in your premises.

    Asbestos Removal Services

    Efficiency and Commitment
    The first clients whom we offered our services are still with us up to now! This is an indication that our way of delivery is not in doubt. Our main objective in the industry is to ensure that customer satisfaction is a guarantee. We won’t leave your premises unless you are fully satisfied. That is our policy. Moreover, we always try our level best to work within the agreed time frame so as not to create unnecessary disruptions in your schedule.

    Affordable and Reliable
    TPC North Asbestos removal company operates on the basis of customer satisfaction without exploitation when delivering quality services. Our terms of payment are very flexible and can be afforded by any Manchester or the whole Northwest of England resident. We are always ready to negotiate with our clients when it comes to payment. This has made us the favourite destination for those seeking asbestos removal services.

    We have dedication, expertise and experience in what we do. Visit us today and experience service delivery that exceeds your expectations. Welcome.…

    June 24, 2016

  • Average Costs for Skip Hire in UK

    Are you considering to hire a skip service but you are wondering how much you are likely to pay for the services? If yes then you are not alone. Many UK residents are usually keen to know the average cost of hiring a skip service before they make their final decision. The truth is that there is no one definite figure that skip companies usually charge for their service. The cost of skip service usually varies depending on various factors as discussed below.


    One very important factor that influences the cost for skip service in UK is the location of your residence. People who live far and in remote areas usually to pay higher prices for skip services as compared to people who live in urban areas. In addition to that, skip services usually varies depending on the city that you live in. For instance, the average cost of a skip service for waste collection Wigan is £180 while the average cost of skip service in Cambridge for 8 yard skip is £216. Therefore, the location that you are impacts directly on what you are going to pay when you hire a skip service.

    2. Experience

    Experience of a skip service is also a major determiner of the average cost that you are likely to pay. Skip service that have been in this industry for long and well known to provide quality services to their clients usually charge high prices when compared to those that are still new in the industry. Most experienced skip services usually take advantage of their experience when setting price for their skip service.

    3. Item disposed

    If you have never hired a skip service before, then you may not be aware of the strict regulations by the UK government regarding the disposal of items. There are items that require special handling when being disposed or need to be disposed in a certain manner. For instance, disposing items such as plastic boards, TV, computer screens, tyres, fridges, freezers among many others will cost you more than what you will pay when disposing normal household garbage. For a reasonable quote for skip hire in the North West, head over to They will give you a free quote for their services with no obligation and they are fast as well.

    4. Size of the bin

    Skip companies usually charge different prices depending on the size of the bin being collected. In most cases, you will pay more if the size of the bin being collected is bigger. Every skip company usually have their own weight limit for skips being collected. This means that if skip is too big then the skip company may have to use special equipment in order to collect the bin meaning that you will have to pay more.…

    June 21, 2016

  • How to Clean Your Windows for Home and Conservatory for Amazing Results

    In the recent past, the conservatory has become a very popular option for many home owners. It is a great addition to almost every suburban house’s traditional landscape. The fact that the entire space is surrounded by windows allows a lot of light to flood inside. However, cleaning these windows can be such an unpleasant and tiring task. Most home owners have spent many hours cleaning their house and conservatory windows without any visible results.

    When you know what you will require for the task and what to do, everything should be much easier.

    You will need the following for the job:

    Cleaning tools and equipment: It takes much more than just a rag and bucket of soapy water to take care of a conservatory. Regular and proper cleaning and wiping of the window frame will help prevent mildew build up and dirt. But you will need some specialist equipment to help you take care of the hard-to-reach parts to help you keep your house and conservatory windows sparkling clean.

    Telescopic Conservatory Cleaning Brushes: By using a proper telescopic brush, you will comfortably reach and clean places that are high and difficult for you to extend and reach without risking your health in the process.

    Power Washers: At times the situation with the dirt can be extremely bad that it would require high pressure or much soaking – which is not possible with the conservatory. A power washer can clean more stubborn stains. Besides, it is very effective on other non-glass parts such as frames, concrete bricks, stone floors, etc., and even the conservatory’s roof.

    freshly cleaned conservatory

    A ladder: This is not just an ordinary ladder but a strong and sturdy one to allow you to get that high without endangering your life. Particular conservatory cleaning ladders are recommended. They are more preferable than other types since they are light weight. Besides, they can be attached safely to the top of the conservatory with the special cross-bearers. Because they are also non-marking, you won’t cause any accidental harm to the roof.

    The following are the guidelines on how to clean your windows for home and conservatory for stunning results:

    For starters, remove all the debris and plant material from the gutters and drainage system. A clogged drainage will always allow water to begin dripping from the gutters which will leave marks and stains on your windows constantly.

    Secondly, clean the outer surface of the windows: The outer surface of conservatory windows is the trickier one. Since our gardens are usually filled with dust and particles, they are likely to stick to glass surfaces. As such, window cleaning should start from there. A solution similar to the one you would use to clean your other windows would do fine. All you need to do is dip the telescopic brush into the solution and begin wiping from the conservatory’s top to bottom after which you can use the squeegee to wipe everything clean. Use a soft cloth to wipe the surplus solution.

    Thirdly, clean the framework: The framework will need to be cleaned as well. You can use warm soapy water and a soft rag to do this. You should avoid using harsh cleaners since they can scratch and damage the surface. In case your frames are made of wood, you can use a brush to remove excess dirt before using the soapy water with the cloth. After you are through, ensure you treat the wood with some oil for its protection against exterior influences.…

    August 25, 2015

  • A Skip Hire Company In St Helens Review

    a skip that is available for rental

    Home renovations are exciting to perform especially since the renovations performed enhance the appearance and value of a home. However, in the process of doing all your renovations comes the unsightly task of having to control and manage all the waste and debris created. Installing a new roof, laying new kitchen tile, tearing down walls to turn two rooms into a larger one, and removing old styled panelling can all present homeowners with excessive waste and debris. Managing this debris is every bit as important as the renovations themselves, and contributes greatly to a successful project completion.

    The folks at North West Premier Skip Hire are here to assist with this leg of your renovation project. Serving the St. Helens and surrounding areas for several years now, the company has earned a spot at the top of the industry charts for their professionalism and their customer service.

    The recipient of many customer satisfaction awards, this highly visible company prides itself on its simple mission statement of 100% customer satisfaction. Truly, that is what this company is all about, and their abundant five star reviews on their website confirm this very fact. Using state of the art products to accommodate all the waste management needs of their customers, coupled with their quality trained consultants and drivers, has earned the company recognition that far outweighs that of any other skip hire company in the region. With skips of all sizes, shapes, and prices, customers are sure to find exactly what they want and need in the company’s massive inventory of products.

    Such a reputable company, North West Skip Hire with their dedicated friendly team of drivers and consultants, will surely make your waste management the simplest of all your renovating tasks. Visit their website today to learn more about this professional company and the top of the line quality products they provide.

    August 18, 2015

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