Average Costs for Skip Hire in UK

Are you considering to hire a skip service but you are wondering how much you are likely to pay for the services? If yes then you are not alone. Many UK residents are usually keen to know the average cost of hiring a skip service before they make their final decision. The truth is that there is no one definite figure that skip companies usually charge for their service. The cost of skip service usually varies depending on various factors as discussed below.


One very important factor that influences the cost for skip service in UK is the location of your residence. People who live far and in remote areas usually to pay higher prices for skip services as compared to people who live in urban areas. In addition to that, skip services usually varies depending on the city that you live in. For instance, the average cost of a skip service for waste collection Wigan is £180 while the average cost of skip service in Cambridge for 8 yard skip is £216. Therefore, the location that you are impacts directly on what you are going to pay when you hire a skip service.

2. Experience

Experience of a skip service is also a major determiner of the average cost that you are likely to pay. Skip service that have been in this industry for long and well known to provide quality services to their clients usually charge high prices when compared to those that are still new in the industry. Most experienced skip services usually take advantage of their experience when setting price for their skip service.

3. Item disposed

If you have never hired a skip service before, then you may not be aware of the strict regulations by the UK government regarding the disposal of items. There are items that require special handling when being disposed or need to be disposed in a certain manner. For instance, disposing items such as plastic boards, TV, computer screens, tyres, fridges, freezers among many others will cost you more than what you will pay when disposing normal household garbage. For a reasonable quote for skip hire in the North West, head over to Hogskiphire.co.uk. They will give you a free quote for their services with no obligation and they are fast as well.

4. Size of the bin

Skip companies usually charge different prices depending on the size of the bin being collected. In most cases, you will pay more if the size of the bin being collected is bigger. Every skip company usually have their own weight limit for skips being collected. This means that if skip is too big then the skip company may have to use special equipment in order to collect the bin meaning that you will have to pay more.

— June 21, 2016

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