• What are the benefits to Lip Fillers

    Lip fillers or lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that affords individuals plumper and fuller lips.  It is a procedure often elected by women who are wanting to enhance their appearance and feel that plumper, fuller lips give them a sexier and youthful look.

    Lip fillers have fast become a very popular cosmetic procedure and, according to most people, provide benefits well worth the cost.  It seems that women nowadays are all about that perfect, sexy pouty look and many will go to any extreme to accomplish it.  That’s where lip augmentation – lip fillers come in.  Women in search of voluptuous lips will quickly and strongly stand by lip fillers for a wide range of reasons, but most assuredly because of its benefits.


    The Benefits of Lip Fillers

    People who are wanting to enhance their overall appearance by way of cosmetic procedures, often opt for lip fillers.  The lip fillers do indeed afford patients a youthful look to their lips, which more often than not will improve upon a person’s beauty and surely add to their sensual appearance.  Since people, when aging, experience a drooping effect to their lips as the contour of their face ages, the tendency is to choose lip fillers to reverse this negative effect and give an all natural appearance at the same time.  The fuller look certainly brings back a level of vibrancy and youthfulness that so many people are striving to achieve.  As a result of lip fillers, people tend to feel more self confident about themselves and feel as though the procedure has redefined their overall beauty as well.

    At Lush Aesthetics we are proud of our abundant positive client reviews and feedback that we have received with regard to our superior lip filler procedures.  We have developed a family of happy, satisfied clients who, today, are experiencing an increase in their self esteem, self confidence and in their overall youthful look.   Our clinicians and aestheticians are all certified and licensed in all areas of cosmetic treatments and take tremendous pride in contributing to the overall happiness of all our valued clients.


    Whether individuals choose permanent lip fillers or semi-permanent fillers, the overall results have been astounding and our award winning presence in the marketplace is a testament to this very fact.  When clients come in for their consultation, we will discuss with them their ultimate goals and help with the decision making process as to whether permanent or semi-permanent lip fillers are suited to their needs.

    The obvious benefit or advantage to semi-permanent lip fillers is the simple fact that the effects of the procedure will gradually wear off over time, which is a positive for those people who, after the procedure is completed, feel that the results are not exactly what they were hoping for.  It also provides them with a type of trial period wherein they can decide if permanent lip fillers are the right choice for them.  It is somewhat of an advantage to be able to partake in this trial period first before making the big step of choosing permanent lip fillers.

    The primary benefits of lip augmentation are a more natural and youthful pout that is also every bit as sexy as one would want it to be and the nice thing is that you can achieve the look you so desperately want without the use of tons and tons of cosmetics and other anti-aging products.

    If you are contemplating lip fillers whether you want to just subtly adjust the appearance of your lips, or you want to add volume and a noticeable sensual appearance, then take a moment to visit us at www.lushaesthetics.co.uk today and learn more about our lip fillers, our clinic, our award winning staff of clinicians and aestheticians and our superior customer satisfaction ranking.  We know how important that youthful look is to our clients which is why we pride ourselves on delivering results that every individual can be proud of and brag about.…

    January 25, 2017

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